DataFactory is fast,
safe and representative

The DataFactory is our fully automated solution to mask any type of database and application quickly and easily. This masked data can then be safely used outside the production environment.

Data masking according to GDPR standards

By masking the personal data, you prevent the customer, tenant or patient data from being out in the streets with all the consequences, for example, in the event of a data breach. And that, of course, is totally in line with the AVG!

Our customers use the DataFactory, among other things, to create representative and irreducible test data. But the masked data is also often used for training and for conducting market research or analyses.

In brief

  • Suitable for all applications and any type of database
  • Automated solution
  • Can be implemented within 2-4 weeks
  • Plug & play for many applications such as Chipsoft HiX, iBurgerzaken, Tobias, Dynamics Empire and xCare
  • Fast and secure, in line with the GDPR
  • Affordable
  • Minimizes the impact of a data breach

Looking for a fast, safe, reliable and affordable solution?