EntrD allows you to maximize the
value you can extract from your data

Data is the new gold and we see it as our mission to make sure you can maximize your data and use it where and when you want.

Entrd - DataFactory & FileFactory

Easily search for information in your database or documents

Entrd - DataFactory & FileFactory
Entrd - DataFactory & FileFactory

Mask or anonymize important data in your database or documents

Our products

‘Data is the new gold’. That’s why it’s important to maximize the use of data.

Our objective is to support organizations in making data secure and presentable so that the enterprise complies with data security and privacy regulations.

With our software products DataFactory and FileFactory, we can provide you with maximum support, thereby reducing the risks in the event of a data breach and the associated reputational damage. Also, you save time and money by using data smartly. And what’s more, being able to widely deploy “clean” data offers unprecedented opportunities.

DataFactory and FileFactory make it all possible.


Our application independent solution to anonymize or pseudonymize any type of database while maintaining predictive value.


A quick and easy-to-use solution to quickly delete the sensitive information in documents and files.

Masked documents

Our industries

Housing associations

Protecting residents’ personal data? Check out the solutions we have developed for housing associations.

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Protect patient data when used for analysis or training. Check out our solutions for the healthcare industry.

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Ensure citizen privacy and protect personal data? Check out our solutions for government.

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Strengthen your software package(s) with our solution and avoid testing with real personal data.

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Testing new webshop or software update? Use customer data with care in retail

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Employment services

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Our partners

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Remove sensitive information

FileFactory is a SaaS solution for locating data in documents and files.
This data can be deleted, but FileFactory can also deliver it in a report so you finally know where that data is.

Save time & money

FileFactory saves you time and money since you no longer have to manually “blur” documents. This prevents mistakes that lead to data breaches, fines and reputational damage. The FileFactory is a stand-alone application that can be used without further training. Or as one housing association puts it “What You See is What You Get.”

EntrD - FileFactory
EntrD - DataFactory

Mask your test database

The DataFactory is our fully automated solution to mask any type of database and application quickly and easily. This masked data can then be safely used outside the production environment.

By masking the personal data, you prevent the customer, tenant or patient data from being out in the streets with all the consequences, for example, in the event of a data breach. And that, of course, is totally in line with the AVG!

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Download the FileFactory brochure

Our brochure tells you how FileFactory can be used by government agencies and other organizations where a lot of sensitive information is handled.