Solutions for housing associations

Housing associations want two things: to be able to say to tenants with a dry eye: “your data is in good hands with us” and they want to work cost-efficiently. With our products, EntrD supports your organization in both areas.


DataFactory is the ultimate suite for editing privacy or competition-sensitive data for use outside the production environment. With DataFactory you can anonymize, pseudonymize and subset data.

The result? A representative dataset that you can use safely and compliantly with the GDPR for testing and analysis purposes, training or demos.

Unique benefits for Housing Corporations

  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Plug & Play for Tobias, Dynamics Empire, NCCW, Wocas
  • Partnerships with Aareon, Cegeka, NCCW and Hercules
  • Consistent and irreducible
  • Proven reliable and affordable


The FileFactory is the solution to quickly and easily find and remove unwanted information in documents and files. But the FileFactory can also be used to make PDF documents searchable or to classify documents.

Or as a customer puts it: “with the FileFactory we are finally able to really get a grip on our documents & files

Unique benefits for Housing Corporations

  • Can be used on a project or structural basis
  • For any volume of documents
  • Suitable for every DMS and every file share
  • Integrations with ShareWorkX, Customer Portal online, Cegeka DMS
  • Applied to dozens of corporations

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