Retail solutions

Research shows that a large proportion of consumers are concerned about the privacy of their data when purchasing online. In this competitive market, it is in your interest that your customers feel safe. This means that you cannot use their data when testing a new webshop or a new invoicing system. Even if you conduct market research among your own customers, it is better not to use real customer data. And do you want to monetize your customer data? This is also only possible if they are anonymized.

Our solution for retail

DataFactory anonymizes or pseudonymises customer data in a smart way, also for retail. Representativeness and reliability remain intact, traceability disappears. Need a lot of data quickly for a performance test, for example? Then data generation is also a solution. With DataFactory we can supply you with synthetic test data in any desired volume at very short notice.

Data factory

Our application independent solution to anonymize or pseudonymize any type of database while maintaining predictive value.

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