EntrD and retail

Retail research shows that a large proportion of consumers are concerned about the privacy of their data when making online purchases.
Fortunately, the GDPR provides clear frameworks you must adhere to.
Importantly, the privacy of your customers is always paramount.

Very briefly, the maxim is “don’t use real customer data unless there is no other way.

So testing with real customer data? Don’t do it.
A market analysis with the names of your customers? Rather not.
Process a copy ID for a loyalty program? No!

But how to do it? EntrD offers software that supports you in that.

Our solutions for retail

EntrD has developed two products that help retail businesses solve these dilemmas, the DataFactory and the FileFactory.

The DataFactory can anonymize any application and any type of database. The DataFactory does this in a clever way that keeps representativeness and reliability intact. At the same time, traceability disappears. And the DataFactory can do this not only in the application, but also across the chain!

The DataFactory is suitable for any application and a plug-and-play version is already available for many used applications. Complying with ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and the GDPR has never been easier!


Our application independent solution to anonymize or pseudonymize any type of database while maintaining predictive value.


The FileFactory is the solution to quickly and easily find and remove unwanted information in documents and files. At the touch of a button, FileFactory finds and deletes all the data you want to delete. Consider, for example, BSN or a copy of ID.

At the same time, FileFactory can also be used to make PDF documents searchable or to classify documents based on their content. Or as one retail customer put it, “with FileFactory we are finally able to really get a grip on our documents & files

Unique benefits for Retail organizations

  • One-time turnkey project to clean up all historical documents.
  • Structurally keep all new documents clean.
  • Leading OCR technology.
  • AI for optimal text processing.
  • For any volume of documents
  • Works with any DMS, fileshare and also sharepoint.
  • Already cleaned up tens of millions of documents.


A quick and easy-to-use solution to quickly delete the sensitive information in documents and files.

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