EntrD and the employment services.

The privacy of candidates in employment services is crucial. Under no circumstances do you want personal data to be unintentionally out on the street. Also, you don’t want clients to see candidates’ contact information before they have hired the candidate. This means that certain information in a candidate’s CV must be anonymized.
This is often done manually now, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Waste of time and money!

Our employment services solution

To ensure that anonymizing CVs can be done faster, better and cheaper, EntrD developed the CV Factory.

With CV-Factory, EntrD offers a quick and easy-to-use solution to automatically detect and delete personal data in CVs.

The CV Factory uses FileFactory’s industry-leading technology to recognize and remove personal data in any type of CV. The big advantage is that the CV Factory recognizes every type of CV. The structure or formatting does not matter here, and you decide what should be removed. All that is left for the employee to do is to check and send the CV.

The business case is quickly made. After all, time your employees don’t spend manually anonymizing a resume, they can start spending optimally on matching more candidates.


FileFactory is the solution to quickly and easily find and delete information in CVs documents and files. But the FileFactory can also be used to make PDF documents searchable or to classify documents.

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