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The following applies to all types of organizations such as educational institutions, SME companies, non-profit institutions, any company with personnel that has an HR system and everyone: personal data must remain in the production environment. If they go outside, for example to test software or conduct research, there is a potential data breach. And it doesn’t even have to concern only personal data. You also don’t want competitively sensitive data such as prices, discounts and purchasing conditions on the street.

Our solution

DataFactory anonymizes or pseudonymises data in a smart way for every company, in every organization. Representativeness and reliability remain intact, traceability disappears. Need a lot of data quickly for a performance test, for example? Then data generation is also a solution. With Datafactory we can deliver synthetic test data in any desired volume at very short notice.

Data factory

A quick and easy-to-use solution to quickly delete the sensitive information in documents and files.

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