EntrD and the government

As a government, you have an exemplary role when it comes to compliance. And, of course, you want to properly protect the privacy of your citizens. Plus: you are the regulator. So it is of the utmost importance that citizen data is securely stored. Not only in production environments but also outside them. For example, for research by CBS or SCP. Or for testing a new system, prior to data migration.

Also, as a government, you have to deal with the WOO and you want to publish pieces as transparently as possible. But some policy opinions you want to be able to remove before publication.

EntrD offers a suitable solution for both situations.

Our solutions for government


DataFactory cleverly anonymizes or pseudonomizes citizen data. Representativeness and reliability remain intact, traceability disappears. If desired, linked applications can also be included. Secure and compliant testing of civic applications has never been easier!

DataFactory is suitable for any citizen affairs application and is already being used by dozens of municipalities. Pink Roccade Local Government, for example, uses DataFactory as a standard solution for anonymizing iBurger cases.

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Our application independent solution to anonymize or pseudonymize any type of database while maintaining predictive value.


The WOO requires you as a municipality to be as transparent as possible and publish relevant documents. Moreover, citizens and organizations can appeal to the WOO to see documents.

At the same time, those documents regularly contain, for example, policy opinions that need to be removed. This is now often done manually. This is time-consuming, error-prone and very valuable.

With FileFactory, we show that it can be done differently!
FileFactory is a unique solution developed by EntrD to detect data in documents and files. This data is then deleted and you can even specify a basis for doing so!

FileFactory works with any file type and is suitable for any volume of documents. No matter the formatting or structure of a document, FileFactory is able to find and remove the unwanted data.

FileFactory uses AI and can therefore take the context of a text into account when searching for unwanted data. During the process, the data remains within the EU, so the processing is fully compliant with the GDPR.

Already several municipalities are using FileFactory to clean up their documents. Moreover, Pink Roccade Local Government offers it as their preferred solution.

‘Black lacquering’ of documents has never been easier!

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A quick and easy-to-use solution to quickly delete the sensitive information in documents and files.

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