AI in the cloud: a revolution in document cleansing


Emma Venema

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June 19, 2024

With the growing amount of digital information, organizations need an effective way to clean up and organize documents. Cloud-based AI technologies are playing a key role in this, and our solution, FileFactory, also has a handle on this revolution.

FileFactory is the solution to quickly and easily find and delete information in documents. To learn more about FileFactory, request a demo and download the brochure below.

Blurring documents

FileFactory automates the anonymization of sensitive information in documents, essential for compliance with privacy laws such as the AVG (GDPR). With AI, personal data can be accurately identified and masked, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches.

PDF cleanup

PDFs over time can contain a lot of data that is unwanted. FileFactory provides tools for PDF cleaning, including data deletion and page deduplication. With machine learning, FileFactory automatically recognizes and corrects patterns and anomalies, improving the quality of PDFs.

Searching the digital archive

FileFactory uses AI to make large amounts of documents searchable quickly and accurately. Natural language processing (NLP) allows the tool to quickly find relevant documents, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Classify documents

Our AI integration can automatically classify and categorize documents. Whether it’s legal documents, financial reports, correspondences or patient records, FileFactory organizes these documents into appropriate categories, improving productivity.

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Benefits of cloud-based AI technology

Cloud-based AI offers up-to-date technology, scalability and flexibility. This enables companies to use advanced document management features without large hardware investments. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to access the necessary tools and data anytime, anywhere.

FileFactory, powered by cloud-based AI technologies, represents the future of document management. It automates document cleanup, optimizes PDFs, provides powerful search functionality and classifies documents. In this way, FileFactory helps organizations work more efficiently, minimize risk and comply with regulations. In a world where information is the key to success, FileFactory provides the tools needed to effectively manage and leverage that information.

FileFactory is the solution to quickly and easily find and delete information in documents. Click below for more information!