Automated document processing for faster employee onboarding


Emma Venema

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March 28, 2024

In a dynamic business environment, continuous optimization and streamlining of processes is crucial, especially when onboarding new employees. The traditional onboarding process, with its plethora of paperwork and manual tasks, can be time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, automated document processing offers a solution to this problem, allowing organizations to provide a faster and streamlined onboarding experience. Let’s look at how automated document processing can help make onboarding new employees more efficient.

Faster processing of documents

One of the main advantages of automated document processing is the speed at which documents can be processed. Instead of having to manually complete, sign and process documents, new employees can now quickly complete and submit electronic forms, significantly speeding up the onboarding process. This results in a faster turnaround of the onboarding process and an improved experience for new employees.

Increased accuracy and consistency

Manual data entry causes errors and delays during onboarding, leading to frustration. Automated document processing ensures accuracy through validation according to established rules and standards. This results in higher accuracy and consistency in the onboarding process, minimizing errors and improving data quality.

Efficient approval workflows

With automated document processing, organizations can also implement approval workflows for processing documents. This means that documents are automatically forwarded to the appropriate people for approval, speeding up the process of obtaining approvals and signatures. This ensures a smoother flow of documents through the onboarding process and avoids delays that can occur with manual approval processes.

Better regulatory compliance

With automated document processing, organizations can also better meet regulatory and compliance requirements related to onboarding new employees. By storing and managing documents electronically, organizations can easily access audit trails and generate reports to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements. This reduces the risk of fines and legal problems and provides peace of mind for the organization.

All in all, automated document processing offers significant benefits to organizations striving for faster and streamlined onboarding of new employees. By automating processes, organizations can reduce turnaround time, improve accuracy, make approval workflows more efficient and better comply with regulations. This results in an improved onboarding experience for new employees and increased productivity for the organization as a whole.

Why EntrD’s software can add value

EntrD’s DataFactory and FileFactory can both play a valuable role in supporting automated document processing for faster employee onboarding.


Automation of data processing:
DataFactory can be used to automate the process of collecting, validating and processing relevant data from new employees. This includes capturing basic information such as name, address, contact information, as well as more sensitive data such as tax information and identification numbers.

Data anonymization:
DataFactory can anonymize sensitive personal data for regulatory compliance, even if it is not needed for onboarding. By anonymizing this data, employee privacy is protected and the organization complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Integration with HR systems:
DataFactory can be integrated with existing HR systems and software platforms to enable seamless data exchange. This synchronizes new employees’ data with the HR system, minimizes manual entry and reduces errors effectively.


Cleaning up and structuring documents:

FileFactory can be used to clean up, structure and classify documents from new employees, making them more easily searchable and accessible. This includes removing duplicate pages, correcting errors in the document and assigning relevant metadata.

Automatic document processing:
FileFactory can also be used to automate document processing tasks, such as identifying specific document types, extracting relevant information and routing documents to appropriate workflows. This reduces the need for manual intervention and speeds up the process of processing documents during onboarding.

Document security:
FileFactory also provides advanced security features to ensure document confidentiality and integrity. This includes features such as encryption, access control and audit trails, all of which contribute to a secure and compliant document management environment.

In short, DataFactory and FileFactory from EntrD support organizations in efficient and secure document processing for new employees. By using advanced automation and security features, organizations can reduce turnaround time, improve accuracy and comply with regulations while providing a seamless and positive onboarding experience for new employees.

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