GDPR fines and enforcement: what do you need to know?


Emma Venema

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April 25, 2024

Enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has companies worldwide on high alert. Recently issued fines and enforcement actions offer valuable lessons for organizations that take their data security seriously. In this article, we analyze some high-profile cases and explore how anonymizing documents and files using EntrD’s FileFactory anonymization software can be a powerful shield against GDPR violations.

British Airways (BA) and Marriott International: high fines as warning

In 2019, British Airways and Marriott International faced significant fines of £20 million and £18.4 million, respectively. These fines were imposed because of inadequate security measures that led to major data breaches. The incident underscores the importance of robust security practices and the costly consequences of negligence.

Lesson for businesses:

Invest in state-of-the-art security measures to prevent data breaches.

FileFactory support:

FileFactory contributes to security through automatic anonymization, minimizing the risks of unintended exposure of sensitive information.

H&M: Accurate data processing as key to compliance

H&M was fined €35 million in 2020 for unlawfully collecting detailed personal information about employees. The fine emphasizes the importance of accurate data processing and respect for privacy rights, especially in the context of human resource management.

Lesson for businesses:

Ensure transparency and fair data processing, especially when managing employee data.

FileFactory support:

FileFactory helps companies automatically anonymize documents, including personnel files, to ensure accurate data processing.

Google: user rights compliance a priority

In 2019, Google was fined €50 million by French privacy regulator CNIL. The fine was given because of a lack of transparency and insufficient information to users regarding the processing of their personal data.

Lesson for businesses:

Prioritize compliance with user rights and transparency about data processing.

FileFactory support:

FileFactory provides a transparent and automated way to anonymize documents, allowing companies to meet their obligations to users.

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Also Read: The basics of the GDPR: a guide for businesses and individuals

Recent fines and enforcement actions underscore that commitment to data protection is not only a legal obligation, but also critical to maintaining customer trust and corporate reputation. Companies need to invest in advanced security measures, accurate data processing and transparency.

FileFactory, as an advanced anonymization software, provides companies with the tools to effectively meet their data protection obligations. By enabling automatic anonymization of documents and files, FileFactory helps minimize risk and ensure GDPR compliance. It is a valuable shield in the fight against data breaches and associated fines. Companies serious about data protection can use these lessons to strengthen their approach and embrace FileFactory as a partner in compliance.

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