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Emma Venema

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February 15, 2024

Gartner predicts 75% of the global population will fall under modern privacy regulations by 2024

Privacy continues to be a fundamental pillar in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. According to the recent Gartner report, it is anticipated that by 2024, as much as 75% of the global population will fall under modern privacy regulations. Let’s embark on a journey through this emerging privacy revolution and understand what it means for individuals, businesses, and the digital world as a whole.

The shift towards modern privacy regulations

Individual rights: Modern privacy regulations will grant individuals more control over their personal data. Rights such as the right to know, the right to be forgotten, and other privacy-related rights will be strengthened.

Corporate accountability: Businesses are under pressure to be more transparent about how they collect, use, and store data. Strict compliance with privacy laws becomes a crucial aspect of business operations.

The impact on Businesses

Privacy by design: Companies will need to integrate privacy into their systems and processes, embracing ‘Privacy by Design’ to safeguard data from the outset.

Data minimization: Minimizing the data collected and retaining only what is necessary becomes a priority to comply with privacy regulations.

Stringent penalty structures: New privacy regulations bring hefty penalties for non-compliance, compelling businesses to seriously consider data protection.

Digital citizens

Awareness and education: Individuals will become more aware of their privacy rights and will require education on how to exercise them.

Digital self-protection: There will be a greater emphasis on digital self-protection, involving the use of privacy tools and awareness of online privacy risks.

The need for cybersecurity

Security measures: Privacy regulations underscore the need for advanced cybersecurity measures to protect personal data from cyber threats.

Data encryption: The importance of end-to-end data encryption is emphasized as a fundamental step in ensuring privacy.

The future of privacy

The shift towards modern privacy regulations marks a significant development in the digital world. Businesses, individuals, and governments must adapt to these new standards to ensure a secure and ethical digital environment. On the road to privacy is a collective journey that safeguards and reinforces the fundamental rights and values of a digitized society.

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