The importance of data inventory and classification in government


Emma Venema

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July 2, 2024

Government agencies manage an enormous amount of personal data every day. From tax information to medical records, managing this data securely is crucial. In this blog, we discuss how government agencies can get an overview of all the personal data they manage, the importance of classifying data by sensitivity, and establishing appropriate security measures.

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The orderly management of personal data

Step 1: Data inventory

The first and perhaps most crucial part of data management is the inventory of all personal data within the organization. This process helps government agencies get a clear picture of what data they own, where it is stored, and how it is used. Here are some steps to carry out this process effectively:

Step 2: Data classification

After all personal data have been inventoried, the next step is to categorize them according to sensitivity. Not all data are created equal; some require more stringent security measures than others. Here are some categories that can help with classification:

Establishing appropriate security measures

Based on the classification, appropriate security measures should be established to protect the data. Here are some best practices:

The role of FileFactory and anonymization software from EntrD

EntrD’s FileFactory can significantly assist government agencies in managing and protecting personal data. Here are some ways this software can help:

Clearly managing and protecting personal data is a complex but essential task for government agencies. By conducting a thorough data inventory and classification and establishing appropriate security measures, government agencies can protect citizens’ privacy and comply with laws and regulations.

EntrD’s FileFactory provides the tools and technologies needed to support these processes, enabling government agencies to manage their data securely and efficiently. By investing in these technologies and processes, government agencies can create a reliable and secure environment for the personal data they manage.