Completely deleting a document versus content cleanup: What’s the difference?


Emma Venema

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May 29, 2024

In our digital world, we are confronted daily with a plethora of documents. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to decide what to do with these documents. Should we remove them completely or is it enough to clean up content? Let’s look at the differences between these two options and what impact they have.

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Delete completely

1. When we completely delete a document, it means we permanently remove it from our systems and storage devices. The document is deleted and is no longer accessible. This approach is especially useful if the document contains confidential or sensitive information that absolutely must not be exposed to unauthorized persons. Completely deleting a document can help minimize risks of data leakage or unauthorized access.

Cleaning up content

2. Content cleansing of a document means that we keep the document, but remove unwanted or unnecessary content. This can range from editing text and images to deleting entire sections or pages. This approach is useful when the document contains valuable information that should be retained, but also contains irrelevance, outdated data or erroneous information. By cleaning up the document, we improve its quality and readability, making it more useful.

Important considerations

3. When choosing between completely deleting or content cleaning a document, there are some important considerations. First, we must consider the sensitivity of the information in the document. If the document contains personal, confidential or legally protected data, complete deletion may be the safest option. Second, we must evaluate the context and purpose of the document. If the document has historical value or is to be preserved as a reference, content cleanup may be preferred to maintain relevance and usability.


Completely deleting a document and cleaning up its content are two different approaches with different goals. Complete removal is essential for minimizing security risks, while content cleanup is appropriate when valuable information must be retained but the quality and usability of the document must be improved. It is important to consider the nature of the document and the desired outcome when making this choice.