EntrD shares in innovation at AI Summit in London


Emma Venema

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June 12, 2024

Eric Hoefman and Hielkde de Jong of EntrD are currently attending the AI Summit in London, a premier event highlighting innovation and technology. This three-day trade mission for is organized by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Embassy in London.

The AI Summit offers EntrD a unique opportunity to gain new ideas and valuable insights. This knowledge will help them further develop AI technologies that will allow us to structure unstructured data faster and more efficiently. This is a crucial step for a company focused on improving data analysis and processing using artificial intelligence.


In addition to EntrD, other innovative Dutch companies participating in this trade trip include Batazia, Ainigma, Actual IO, GenZonine, Securely, and Klippa. These companies have been carefully selected by NL Netherlands to participate in this interesting and promising event.

The trade mission offers participating companies numerous benefits, including networking opportunities, knowledge exchange and the establishment of international collaborations. These types of events are invaluable for companies looking to expand their market and learn from the best in their field.

Eric Hoefman emphasizes the importance of such events, “The AI Summit is a great opportunity for us to see how other companies are applying AI and to learn from their experiences. We hope to meet new partners and get ideas that will help us improve our services.”

Hielke de Jong adds, “This trade mission allows us to broaden our horizons and gain insight into the latest trends and technologies. This will soon enable us to develop our products even further.

It is inspiring to be part of a community of innovative thinkers and doers.

Hielke de Jong

Participation in the AI Summit in London marks an important milestone for EntrD. It not only provides opportunities for growth and development, but also strengthens the position of Dutch companies on the world stage. With support from the RVO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Embassy in London, companies like EntrD are ready to make their mark on the future of AI and data management.